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Management Courses

Middle managers support senior managers, their team and their stakeholders.

Isn’t that worth investing in?

A team is only as strong as its manager

Are you a manager in remote or regional Australia? Perhaps you’re an executive with new and aspiring managers reporting to you?

Are you or your managers weighed down by an excessive workload, exhibiting signs of stress or lacking confidence to make and back decisions?

My courses provide face-to-face, practical training and are specifically designed to tackle the real world issues in the workplace. And as a trainer, I bring a wealth of expertise. With my 30 years of management experience, 20 years studying personal development and emotional intelligence, and my accreditation as a certified coach with the Global Success Academy, I’m able to help participants gain perspective, and uncover the solutions that can make a real impact as a manager.

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Not your ordinary management course

There is an array of professional development courses for managers out there, and they all tackle similar management issues. So what makes these courses different? Let me tell you.

Real world skills for real world managers

Regional and remote businesses face all of the same challenges as metropolitan businesses…and then some. That’s why it’s so important for managers in the bush to have the confidence and skillsets required to lead high-performing and engaged teams.

My courses are experiential in design – meaning we will tackle the actual challenges you face in your workplace. You’ll learn practical skills and strategies, and apply them to your workplace challenges to develop tailored solutions that you can implement the next day!

No one leaves my training until they have this.

Adult learners learn best when they are engaged in life-centred or problem-centred learning; when they can unpack a scenario directly from their life.  If you’re paying for training that does something else, stop wasting your money.

As a coach, I want results. Not training that produces a one-day spike in enthusiasm and an overflowing inbox.  I work hard to get a different outcome so that people leave with solutions that they have designed that work for their team and that can be implemented tomorrow.

  • 89% of participants report the material is directly relevant to their role
  • 95% said they would recommend my course

What benefits should you rightfully expect from any of my work?

  • A knock-on effect with your people who are not even attending the training – no, that’s not a typo
  • Strategies to build better working relationships
  • Tips to reduce stress, overwhelm and double handling
  • Ways to work smarter
  • Increased engagement
  • An increase in legitimate confidence
  • Greater willingness to innovate
  • More effective teamwork
  • A bunch of skills that take the hard work out of management
  • Strategies to combat existing workplace and personal challenges
  • Tips for driving efficiency, productivity and communication
  • Increased confidence in your staff’s management practice
  • Inspiration for creating workplaces where people enjoy working

That’s how I support your workforce to define and design its future, and then pave the path to it.

Our courses are currently closed,

but we’ll still come to you to

deliver a workshop that fits your needs.

What Participants Say

The course completely changed my view on working relationships and how we get work done within our team. I now have the skills to get the best out of staff and avoid micro-managing. The result is a more efficient team, and I’m managing in a way that delivers a better outcome for all involved.

Joel Kowald

District Council of Coober Pedy

The course gave me a lot more confidence in dealing with different situations and different people.

Lisa Perry

Reality Bites Catering, Alice Springs

This course helped me move to a different way of thinking; it shifted my behaviour which has improved a challenging work relationship.


Alice Springs

The way Libby spoke was very positive and inspired everyone.  I thought I was organised, but the tricks Libby taught us will help me to fine tune how I operate.  It was a great course and Libby presented it extremely well.
Wayne Porter

Central Desert Regional Council

Libby’s course wasn’t just someone standing there telling you what to do. Libby made us think about our own practice and how we could improve it.
Carmella Destro

Tennant Creek Hospital

I wish I had done this course a year ago.
Jodie Foley

NT Department of Education, Alice Springs

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