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Corporate Coaching

Organisational coaching is the most dependable path for organisations and professionals to address any manner of workplace challenges; performance, efficiency, interpersonal skills, emotional competency, leadership, confidence and engagement to name a few. My approach borrows practices from Fortune 500 companies and tailors them for application to regional and remote organisations.

Management Courses

Any organisation is only ever as strong as its management team, and when it comes to regional and remote organisations, and the unique challenges they face, this can not be more true. My experiential courses for new and emerging managers focus on the skills most of us don’t learn at uni. The skills that build strong managers and resilient teams. The essential skills that enable a new manager to lead with confidence.

Upcoming Courses

You’ve invested weeks ticking off mandatory training:

4WD, first aid, mental health first aid, cultural awareness, vicarious trauma, occupational health and safety, etc. etc. etc.

But hang on!

Has anyone offered you a few hours to explore how to be a manager that people want to work for?

It doesn’t happen by accident.


Management Mastery – Alice Springs

Monday 19 November 2020

8:30am – 4:30pm


Why Corporate Coaching?

The daily challenges faced by organisations in regional and remote Australia are different those experienced in the cities.


We deal with the usual challenges, but the added pressures of distance, resources, a limited workforce and less professional development opportunities make managing regional organisations and teams unique.  We need to find smarter ways of managing, because no matter how hard we work, overcoming those challenges can be a relentless and tireless task. 


Corporate coaching can help regional and remote executives and teams navigate a way through challenges, to meet KPI’s and deliver organisational and individual success. 


If you’re committed to moving your organisation, team and career forward, read on to find out how.

Latest Insights

Personality Profiling – Your Number One Management Tool

Personality Profiling – Your Number One Management Tool

What if your team came with a manual that took the “AHHHHH” out of people management? One that stopped you from saying the wrong thing? Stopped that sick feeling when it’s time for performance management? A manual that meant you held the secret to attracting the right candidates for your next vacant position. The good news is: there is such a formula. It’s called personality profiling and it’s been tried and tested for over 4,000 years.

8 Writing Secrets From A Pro That Will Increase Engagement

8 Writing Secrets From A Pro That Will Increase Engagement

If you work in a cross-cultural environment, your communication has to be right. Otherwise, you’re wasting staff and client’s time and promoting disengagement. Here’s 8 top tips from guest blogger and international writer, Jodie Lea Martire. Learn from a pro and get your very next email snapping your readers’ attention.

Happy Clients

Very intuitive and brave, Libby tells it straight to those who are willing and able to hear her.
-Tim James

Alice Springs

Working with Libby has given me a toolbox and allowed me to strategically come up with a plan to improve my business.
- Lisa Perry

Reality Bites Catering, Alice Springs

Libby has been able to engage me with a version of myself i thought never existed. Assisting to build the bridge between my current self and the business executive role i was entrusted with, drawing on my character to remain without being lost in the business world.

- Georgina Cohen

CEO, Rekindling The Spirit

Libby has an amazing ability to hold the space and impart her knowledge so that people can become a better version of themselves. She is insightful, fun, caring and supportive.
- Paul Moxham


Libby has a knack of making you feel comfortable. She is an individual. She remembers personal things, who you are and where you’re from.
- Martina Whistler

North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, Alice Springs

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