Do you have staff who suffer from the “Sunday Scaries”?


Of the people who say they suffer from the Sunday Scaries, 95% of them believe it’s due to heightened anxiety. 75% of those say the anxiety stems from their relationship with their boss. Not surprisingly, 89% of those people report feeling dissatisfied with their job.


The Sunday Scaries usually manifests as a sense of anxiety in the wake of returning to work on Monday. Sufferers report poor sleep and a general sense of irritability and depression on the day before returning to work.


We’ve all experienced it at some stage! Think back to when you suffered the SS – was it because you were in the pool of 75% of people who had a poor relationship with their boss? I certainly was!


If you’re a manager, consider if your staff are practicing absenteeism, or for that matter, “presenteeism”; I’m at work but I’m doing a great job at not actually working!


If the answer to either of those questions is “yes”, then perhaps it’s time to ask why that might be and if your management style could use a spring makeover.


It’s easy to say “it’s all about them … it’s not about me … it’s not my problem”; however, at the end of the day, as the manager, it is your problem. Poor productivity costs money and morale. Both of which lead to high turnover, which costs money and morale.


Simply sweeping a management blemish under the carpet only ensures it will rear it’s head elsewhere, another time. You know this in your personal relationships, as the same buttons continue to be pushed over and over.


Stopping those buttons from being pushed is the ultimate freedom. Managing your less-than-friendly management practices is the ultimate form of emotional intelligence.


In case you’re wandering, this data comes from The Sleep Judge who surveyed over 1,000 people and found that of the people who reported suffering the Sunday Scaries:

  • 86% worked in education
  • 84% worked in government and public administration
  • 80% worked in medical and healthcare
  • 77% worked in hospitality


Tally hO!


Libby O