Overcome A Lack Of Confidence
Start Building A High Performing Team
Master Your Management Skills

Libby O’s

Management Mastery

The Confidence To Lead A Winning Team

Starting on the right foot as a manager requires a sturdy set of technical skills, a giant helping of people skills and the confidence to
consistently execute business-building strategies.

This one-day course with Libby O will build a set of tools that empower you to excel.

It will step you through easy-to-follow systems and techniques borrowed from the masters.

Whether you’re looking to become a manager, or you’ve been on your journey for a few years, Management Mastery will show you how to work strategically and with confidence; how to get the best out of you, your team, your clients and everyone you work with.

Invest in yourself with this one-day adventure so you can relax and enjoy the journey towards realising your vision.

"It all just gels."
- Martina Whistler, former Practice Manager, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency
“The course wasn't just someone standing there telling you what to do. Libby made us think about our own practice and how we could improve it.”
- Carmella Destro, former Training Manager, Tennant Creek Hospital
“After learning how to have difficult conversations, my outcomes are much better.”
-Lisa Perry, Owner, Reality Bites Catering
“Libby's course inspired me. It's about taking a different view, a new approach. I am applying what I learned every day.”
- Cibin Thoompukal, Operations Manager, Tennant Creek Hospital
"I used what Libby taught me with a critically ill patient. It made a huge difference. My colleagues want to know how I got the patient, who has been defiant for months, to comply. He will be healthier because I made a difference. His family and community will benefit."
- John Huerto, Nurse, Purple House, Alice Springs
"I wish I had done the course a year ago."
-Jodie Foley, Business Manager, Larapinta Primary School, Alice Springs
“The course was comprehensive. I would recommend it to new managers.”
-Anon, Senior Manager, NT Government, Tennant Creek

about management mastery


Management Mastery is a one-day management training course for new and aspiring middle managers.

It’s for people who strive to build a solid management practice with tools and techniques that benefits them, and everyone they come into contact with.


It’s designed to help rural and regional Australians meet the unique challenges of living and working in the bush.

  • Fast-track your growth
  • Develop confidence (which builds more confidence)
  • Speed up the trial-and-error phase


This management training course has 4 simple but comprehensive aims:

  • Build skills that support sound decision making and foster confidence
  • Stock your toolbox with tried and tested ways to effortlessly manage people
  • Support growth with new ideas you hadn’t considered before
  • Develop strategies for working smarter, not harder

It’s already helped people like Joel achieve results like this:

“Libby’s course completely transformed how I delegate.
I no longer micromanage and my team are engaged and efficient.
I am the most productive and confident I have ever been just two weeks after the course.”
Joel Kowald, Supervisor, Natural Resources Team, Coober Pedy District Council

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No death by PowerPoint. No embarrassing role play. No course handouts that echo my every word.

Management Mastery is a hands-on exploration of new ideas. It’s a space to ask your burning questions.

It’s a chance to network and leverage on the successes of others who understand your challenges.

Managing In The Bush
Needs Different Skills

There are hundreds of exciting opportunities to stretch your brain, grow your career and make a meaningful difference in the bush.

But without the tools needed for this unique and challenging environment, you run the risk of joining the broken-down Fords, Holdens and prams littering the desert.
Your every action and decision need to have an impact.

Got The Promotion But
Not The Manual?

You’ve spent weeks ticking off mandatory training: 4WD, first aid, cultural awareness, etc. etc. etc. 

But has anyone shared their secrets for taking the ‘AHHHHH’ out of people management? What about how to get your team excited about their work? Or how to build a reputation as the manager people want to work for?

Management Mastery is the chance to explore these questions.

Course Details

Monday 16th November 2020
8:30am – 4:30pm

Alice Springs Youth & Community Centre
5 Wills Terrace, Alice Springs NT 0870

$750.00 inc GST

The Early Bird Registration ticket sale has ended

The event is finished.